Alignment Psychology Mentorship 

 Start consciously creating and transforming your life experience from the inside out.


Alignment Psychology is available to anyone but its not for everyone. If you wish to learn key self-care coping skills, strategies to come into alignment, or you just want to cultivate resilience, feel empowered, gain inner clarity and live more consciously; then you will really enjoy this opportunity to focus on your mental wellbeing and creative potential. 

This is an
 evidence-based training package designed to teach clients coping skills and practical psychological strategies to consciously bring yourself into energetic alignment with the whole of you are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Therapeutic Interventions include:
      + Positive Psychology
      + Wellbeing coaching
      + Growth Mindset Psychology
      + Mental Health promotion
      + Mental Health
      + Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
      + Mindfulness & Presence Awareness
      + Transpersonal Psychology

Being able to observe and manage your thoughts, that lead to your emotional states, is the most important thing you can become aware of. Learning positive psychological skills and strategies to identify, redirect and refocus your attention and understanding the power of Present Awareness has the ability to transform you and your life experience.

The aim of alignment mentoring is to teach you the psychological skills required to find your authentic point of power and align with the Present Moment; so you can access the flow of wellbeing and creative energy, connect with your intuition and receive inspired thoughts.

Book an obligation free 15 minute consultation to help you decide if this personal development space is right for you. When you become more
consciously aware of your energetic alignment you will notice a transformation both within and around you.

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alignment mentorship

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